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Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Diseño de aplicación nativa para móviles
  • Diseño de aplicación nativa para móviles

Native mobile app design

In 2015 we collaborate with Canary Islands Webcams Mobile App for the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. From the beginning we were clear that we had to do a Native Mobile Application Design, since it guaranteed a better user experience. The Carnival 2016 represents a new appointment with the rhythm, color and, in short, the unique flavor of a party that is born in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is exported to the whole world which, astonished, contemplates marveling the succession of shows that are held one after another since the beginning of February. Shows for children, adults and the election of the queen and childrens queen and adult murgas (street musicians), comparsas (carnival troups) and musical group with the election of each group, performances of orchestras and carnival groups in the street. This is the official app of the event, which contains all the information necessary to have a good time: Events program, Images and Video, live streaming cameras and our authentic photo stream , which will allow to create very funny selfies. The Mobile Application of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival has the following options:  
  • Webcams on Streaming
  • Events Program
  • Photo Album
  • Audio Gallery with Murgas
  • Videos on demand
  • Photomatron (Funny Pictures)
  • General information
  • Share content in social networks
This app is a good example of native mobile app design. The application has been developed for the operating systems of iOS (Apple) and Android, and with a design compatible with Iphone 4 / 4S, 5 / 5S and 6 / 6S, and for common Android devices.
The design of the interface and aesthetics of the application has been made by Javier Torres, designer of the official poster of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2016.

Customer Reviews

The mobile app of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2016 had about 5000 downloads and an assessment by the users of 4.9 points on a maximum of 5 points. This means a high degree of satisfaction on the part of the users. To achieve this, we planned on how the User Experience (UX) should be and the User Interface (UI) design. This mobile app was integrated with the image of the official poster of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2016. Opiniones de la App móvil del Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2016



Han participado en el desarrollo de la Aplicación Móvil:

  • Javier Torres. Diseñador de la Interfaz de usuario y estética.
  • Igor Antonov. Programador
  • Adán Cruz. Coordinador del proyecto.
  • Grupo Siempre Web – Mobotix Canarias. Instalación de webcams de streaming
  • Wolkam. Proveedor de servidores de streaming.
  • Arco Comunicación. Gestión comercial y campaña de comunicación.
  • Zeben Díaz. Comunicación.
  • Org. Aut. de Fiestas del Excmo. Ayto. de Santa Cruz. Coordinación de contenidos
  • Radio El Día. Cesión de audios del concurso de murgas.
Plataformas disponibles IOS y Android
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