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EasyonPAD® by Singularity Innovation S.L., is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS), consisting of a set of software tools that allow users to access the platform, configure and manage easily and remotely, both content, appearance and behavior of the devices, in this case, Tablets, being those always connected to Internet, capturing location, information flows, usage patterns and user behaviour, creating a valuable analytical Data for Business Intelligence, providing business clients and partner organizations the strategic information they need to improve their business results, improve loyalty and achieve corporate objectives.

We Created EasyonPAD Platform, a multi device, multi user Platform as a Service (PaaS), providing our customers a set of software tools that allow system administrators to configure and manage remotely and easily, both content and look and feel of mobile and Android based devices (tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.). In a world in constant evolution, Singularity never stands still, R+D+I+i Research, Development, Investigation and Innovation is our life, and to put a constantly evolving platform at our Partner’s hands, to generate value to their customers, is our main Goal.